Here we go!

Okay everyone, here we go!  Let the blogging begin!  Actually, I have blogged before, but it was more of a photo upload with some descriptions!  I have not updated in ages, but if anyone is interested, go check out:

This blog is intended to be more of a “professional” blog, with quotation marks, as I may also venture into music and photography and woodworking and travel, but the main reason I am writing is to try to start producing more, so that my production/consumption ratio moves towards being more balanced, although I know I will likely never produce anywhere near as much as I consume…sort of an overall disease in our Western society, I know!

Please check back for new blogs….who knows what the topic may be!  I will leave you with one professional thought:  Education is the best escape plan anyone ever hatched.  Whatever it is you want to find, or escape from, education (all education, not just formal) will take you there.  Embrace it and encourage it in everyone you can find!


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