Joyful blogging in response to @brandongrasley

Okay, here we go.  Challenge accepted.  I cant help but to think I will screw this up somehow….but hey, I got this far, eh?

Acknowledge the nominating blogger….Brandon Grasley included me in a nomination to give this a try….so, @brandon grasley, here we go!

11 random facts about myself.

1.  I consider myself partially fluent in 4 languages…Ukrainian, Russian, French and English….:D

2.  I love music…playing and singing and performing in front of others, but listening too.

3.  I wish I could make my own clothing…I would love to sew..

4.  I am a travel junkie.  Have been to:  Ukraine, France, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Caribbean, USA and Canada. Am travelling to Paris and London in March.

5.  I profess no faith.  

6.  Am a history major/history freak, but I believe science will set us all free.

7.  My wife and kids are my world.

8.  Photography is just cool.

9.  I crave both solitude and social interaction.

10.  I love the good things in life…food and drink in particular.

11.  I have a very restless mind.

Answer 11 questions

  1. Who is the “most famous” person you’ve ever spoken with?  Les STroud
  2. What’s one thing you’ve learned recently for pleasure but not for work?  Level Kitchen cabinets
  3. What’s your favourite type of exercise?  tied…cycling and xc skiing
  4. What is something you love to do in each season of the year (name 4 things)? bike (spring), travel (summer), hike (fall) ski (winter)
  5. What’s something you have to do that you feel self-conscious about?  speak in front of colleagues
  6. Who helps you to “overcome”?  my wife
  7. If you could magically change one thing (and only one!) about the state of technology in education, what would it be?  all teachers to be passionate about using technology in education
  8. What do you appreciate?  my health
  9. Who have you thanked today? For what? my server, for being very nice to me.
  10. Is “unplugging” a good thing for you, or a bad thing, or …?it is good when I want to be unplugged, but bad when I do not want to be.
  11. How did you feel when you were nominated?  Confused….

list 11 bloggers–I have to copy and paste…ashamed to say I do not know that many….get with it David

  1. Kerri Grasley (@KerriGrasley
  3. Doug Peterson (@dougpete
  4. Peter Anello (@PJAnello
  5. Steve Wilson (@GeraldtonSteve
  6. Lisa Donohue (@Lisa_Donohue,
  7. Brian Aspinall (@mraspinall
  8. Danika Barker (@danikabarker
  9. Eva Thompson (@leftyeva
  10. Colleen Rose (@ColleenKR,
  11. Mark Carbone (@markwcarbone

11 Questions

1.  list 5 indispensable albums/cds…

2.  List 5 indispensable books.

3.  List 5 indispensable people in your life.

4.  If you did not live where you do, where would you live?

5.  If you did not do what you do, what would you do? 

6.  List one place you HAVE to see.

7.  List one place you have no interest in ever seeing.

8.  Do you like onions?

9. Can you whistle?

10.  Do you whistle?

11.  What inspires you to get out of bed everyday?

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