After attending OTRK12 for a second year in a row, I wrote earlier about my struggles with finding an entry point upon all of the surfaces I had scratched.  I suggested that moving forward with the VLE, D2L in our case in Algoma, was a starting point.  I have received several encouraging messages (essentially all through Twitter..seriously how can any teacher not have a Twitter account?  [for some reason I really dislike the phrase “do you have….{insert appropriate social media here}], like “do you have Facebook?”  I always want to answer “no, Mark Zuckerberg has Facebook”, however as usual, digressions abound.

So, I have thought a little bit more about engaging all of the kids and staff, from JK-12 in the D2L system.  Some of the areas are obvious.  We have a 4-5-6.  How convenient it would be for the teacher to have his grade 6 kids working, with the netbooks, on grade 6 Science and Technology, while he was teaching to the 4-5 class?  The Blended Learning opportunities are pretty good, even though we still have a lot of kids, especially in our high school, who are not fond of the Blended Learning model, or Elearning at all.  Then again, not everyone was fond of air travel in the 50’s either.

The area that I am beginning to think about though, is how to go further with D2L and the entire school?  Items as simple as each teacher using it as a site to post news to students and parents, and each teacher having students use Eportfolio as a really simple method to display progress.  Parent -Teacher interviews:  Parents preview their child’s portfolio and speak to the teacher about it during the interview.  A sort of “flipped Parent Teacher Interview”…Am I the first to coin that?  Think of it? (not likely Einstein…)….do I get an award?  Furthermore, school staff can use it as a communication tool with each other.  Instead of the “curriculum wall” in the staff room, staff post their successes, failures, goals and everything in between on the D2L site. 

As well, a natural extension is administration using it to post information, letters, memos, PD items, thoughts of the day, agendas and minutes for meetings. How can PD be delivered better with a VLE?   Are the possibilities endless?  Probably.  However as with every human adventure, only as endless as the humans involved are willing to make it.  

So, the question in my mind now is, how far will I take it, what sort of resistance will I encounter and what resolve will I have?  I guess it all remains to be seen, doesn’t it?



2 thoughts on “The VLE

  1. Good questions, for sure. And another that comes to mind for me: what kind of support will you need centrally? How can the learning (for students and teachers) be connected with other schools, or even other boards? Big questions… thanks for the post!

    • Central support? First of all the tech expertise to get it all started. After that, support to build it and keep it growing. Hard to predict too, b/c no one really knows where it will go.

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