Blogging about Blogging

So, today was the day I finally caught up with Donna Miller Fry, @fryed, to talk about a little project that she has ongoing at the ministry level.  The project involves (if I understood Donna correctly, in the late August frame of mind I was in) building capacity among principals and other school leaders around blogging and its use in education.  An obvious corollary, perfectly intended, is as school leaders, we must lead by example and if a Director blogs, more likely is it that the SO community will blog, which will encourage the principal’s and VP’s to blog, which should lead it all down to teachers using blogs in schools.

Of course, as it is with administrators in general, but especially those of us in the North, our conversation weaved through several other winding alleys, all related in some way to how our unique geography and social realities affect our jobs and how we do them, but….after agreeing to share some thoughts about my own blogging journey, as short as it has been, I realized, I had not blogged since the bogdown known as June happened, and it was time to get going again.

So, just a short blog, about blogging.  I asked myself, why do I blog?  What am I achieving?  Is it actually useful to me either professionally or personally?  Many more questions, but just a few to start.

Why do I blog?  To express myself to a wider audience, and to use a format that will help me to frame my thoughts around issues that usually complex.  I do not blog about how to put siding on my summer project, as well, there is only one way, which is straight….but if one were to be really bored, or an insomniac, and went through my postings, they would see most of my posts are a way to think out loud.  As well, people comment, and contribute.  It is like an essay, on any topic I want, with no painstaking references and feedback of the entirely non-judgmental type… so really, it is pretty cool.

Am I achieving anything?  Well I am contributing instead of consuming.  Even if the contributions are not earth shaking nor Pulitzer bound, they are contributing, in a small manner.  I also achieve a sense of satisfaction, for the ability to express thought and think out loud, again, without the usual judgment that has always been around in almost every other situation….

The last question, I may have already answered, in a nebulous way, but I think i did.  I enjoy blogging, and not just about education, about everything.  So if I enjoy it, it is useful to me both professionally and personally.  I have made contacts professionally, and felt enjoyment in letting some ideas flow, so yes, it is useful.  Like music though, the feeling and mood must strike me properly, or I can go for ages and blog not a thing!  Who knows whether the coming month will be a flurry of blogging of barren ground, but regardless, as it meanders in and out of my life, it does serve a purpose, and may even possibly connect with others and produce something new for myself, and for others…..

So, until next time, I shall leave you with a view that all of us Northerners will look at and “get” immediately!

To all my loyal readers (less than  5, I know), have a great school year and keep in touch!DSC_6091

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