The intentional blurring of professional and personal lines

No, you are not going to read about me in the Blue Pages….I am returning to blogging after a bit of a break, but this time, I am using my blog, which has been primarily professional in nature (although, I guess one could argue that most of my professional thoughts, come from personal goals, thoughts, ideas and philosophy) for a more personal use.

Tomorrow, I am embarking upon a lifestyle change.  It is an experiment.  There will be no grand announcements about an entirely new way of living, nor will I openly push my theories to anyone.  Much like my thoughts on religion and spirituality, I have come to a state in my life, where I believe what I believe and honestly have no interest in becoming a missionary for my beliefs.  Even if I am successful in my latest attempt to change something in my life, unless I am asked by people to talk about my experiences, I have no interest in pushing any agenda.  It is just where I am now.  Of course, if anyone asks me about why I believe it is vitally important to encourage kids to travel outside of their community/province/country/continent, as a life experience, make a pot of coffee, you will be here a while….

Anyway, as usual, what could be a few sentences is now a paragraph.  I should have been a writer, when people got paid by word…..oh, wait, blogging does not pay!  So, what I am saying, is, I am planning to use this blog as a way to keep myself motivated, and to record progress, or digression, in how I succeed.

I have struggled with a very particular problem for most of my adult life.  For those of you who read this blog, who have actually seen me, it is probably very obvious.  If there are any of you who read this blog who I have not met, I will just clarify, and even for those of you who know me, this is not a struggle with alcoholism, or drug dependency, and while I certainly enjoy a drink (whiskey is the nectar of the g…, oh wait, it is just really, really good stuff) this is not about an addiction to a narcotic, a depressant or a stimulant, This is about a lifestyle change.  I have very specific goals I want to accomplish, goals that I have failed at achieving before, through other methods.  This is simply another shot at it.

In my professional life, for many years, I have had the opinion that progress is always important, and that when we cannot find success by using certain strategies, we must change.  The old adage, of “if you keep doing what you have always done, you will always get what you always got” (or however it is usually expressed..) has been something I have promoted, with mixed results, for years.  However, it is time to now apply that maxim to myself personally.

So, I am embarking upon a change.  The first three to four weeks, will be somewhat radical, but I feel ready.  After that, we will see how it progresses and we will see if things change.  I am not terribly optimistic, because of multiple failures in the past, but….as I said, perhaps a drastic change is necessary.

Stay tuned….or tune out, which ever makes the most sense to you personally!


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